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C2SM sponsors and contributes to the organization of the Swiss Climate Summer School, together with the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR). Every year, C2SM and OCCR alternate leading the organisation of the Swiss Climate Summer School.


2017: 16th Swiss Climate Summer School "High-resolution climate: observations, models and projections", 3 – 8 September. More.

  • 2016: 15th Swiss Climate Summer School “Climate Risks – Coping with Uncertainty”, 28 August – 2 September 2016, Grindelwald, Switzerland. Details and application.
  • 2015: 14th Swiss Climate Summer School: "Extreme events and climate". More
  • 2014: 13th Swiss Climate Summer School: "Linking Land Use, Land Cover, and Climate". More

Previous Swiss Climate Summer Schools were organised in the framework of the NCCR Climate. See for example:

  • 2013: 12th international NCCR Climate Summer School: "From Climate Reconstructions to Climate Predictions". More
  • 2012: 11th international NCCR Climate Summer School: "The Water Cycle in a Changing Climate: Observations, Scenarios, Impacts". More


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