2017 Swiss Climate Summer School

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High-resolution climate: observations, models and projections

3 – 8 September 2017
Congressi Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


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The 16th International Swiss Climate Summer School focuses on ‘High-resolution climate: observations, models and projections’. With the advent of satellites and high-performance computing, the resolution of climate information is dramatically increasing. This development is of critical importance from a societal point of view. It will improve the representation of key processes, weather systems and extreme events; reduce uncertainties in climate projections; and facilitate the use of climate information for mitigation and adaptation measures. Topics covered will include:

– What observational methodologies provide high-resolution data?
– How suitable are current global and regional climate models for high-resolution application?
– What is the role of high resolution in representing extreme events such as heat waves, droughts, wind storms and floods?
– How can we exploit the highly parallel and heterogeneous hardware architectures of emerging generations of high-performance supercomputers?
– How can high-resolution information be used to inform decision processes in the context of a changing climate?


The Summer School invites young researchers from all fields of climate research.  The courses cover a broad spectrum of climate and climate impact research and fosters cross-disciplinary links.  Each topic includes keynote plenary lectures and workshops with in-depth discussion in smaller groups.  All Summer School participants are expected to present a poster of their research, and there will be ample opportunity for discussion.   


Lecturers for keynotes and workshops (confirmed)

C. Bretherton, U Washington, USA
S. Brönnimann, U Bern, OCCR, CH
V. Ducrocq, Meteo France, FR
A. Duguay-Tetzlaff, MeteoSwiss, CH
C. Frei, MeteoSwiss, CH
O. Fuhrer, MeteoSwiss, CH
U. Hamann, MeteoSwiss, CH
T. Hoefler, ETH Zurich, CH
S. Kotlarski, MeteoSwiss, CH
X. Lapillonne, MeteoSwiss, CH
M. Liniger, MeteoSwiss, CH
T. Palmer, U Oxford, UK
O. Romppainen-Martius, U Bern, OCCR, CH
C. Schär, ETH Zurich, CH
T. Schulthess, ETH Zurich, CSCS, CH
B. Stevens, MPI, DE
J. Trentmann, DWD, DE
P.L. Vidale, U Reading, UK
H. Wernli, ETH Zurich, CH


Organization and sponsoring

Organization committee

Christina Schnadt (Center for Climate Systems Modeling)
Christoph Schär (ETH Zurich & Center for Climate Systems Modeling)
Stefan Brönnimann (Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Bern)
Olivia Martius (Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Bern)
Heini Wernli (ETH Zurich & Center for Climate Systems Modeling)
Oliver Fuhrer (MeteoSwiss & Center for Climate Systems Modeling)




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