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C2SM aims to prepare climate codes for the next generation of high-performance computers to exploit the emerging computing capabilities and thereby continue to contribute at the highest level to climate system science.

C2SM is involved in the Swiss Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC), which goal is to promote collaborations between domain scientists, computational scientists and software and hardware vendors and providers. C2SM's involvement in PASC strongly relies on the active collaboration between ETH and MeteoSwiss together with the Swiss National Supercomputing Center (CSCS).  

C2SM leads the network for "Climate and Atmospheric Modelling", which is one of the five relevant domain science chosen for network building in the frame of PASC.

C2SM currently hosts two PASC projects:

Piz Daint at CSCS
Named after Piz Daint, a prominent peak in Grisons that overlooks the Fuorn pass, this supercomputer is a Cray XC30 system used by many C2SM-community members for high performance computing. Click on the image for more information on Piz Daint from the CSCS website.
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