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Regional climate modeling activities at C2SM are centered around the limited-area weather prediction and climate model COSMO.

The Regional Climate Modeling (RCM) activities are centered around the COSMO model, a non-hydrostatic limited-area weather prediction model developed by the COnsortium for Small scale MOdeling (COSMO). This consortium includes MeteoSwiss and numerous European meteorological services.

The COSMO model can also be used in CLimate Mode (COSMO-CLM or CCLM). It is further refined and applied in several groups at ETH, Empa and in the international CLM community (Climate Limited-area Modelling) for climate research.

Over the years, the COSMO model has been coupled to different modules dedicated to tropospheric chemistry and aerosol (ART), aerosol and aerosol-cloud interactions (M7), land-surface atmosphere interactions (Community Land Model; CLM) or to an ocean model (ROMS), allowing for the investigation of additional relevant processes in the climate system.

C2SM provides support for the model development and application, and organizes a code repository for the model.

Contact: Katherine Osterried 

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