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Overall structure

C2SM currently includes 35 Members, which are professors or group leaders from the 5 partner institutions. They form the Plenary, which is the main governing body of C2SM and is responsible for developing the overall strategy.

The C2SM Community includes all the students, post-doctoral fellows, and technical and scientific staff of the Member's research group.

Seven Members elected by the Plenary form the Steering Committee. It is the executive body of C2SM who is in charge of implementing the strategy and overseeing the operations of the Executive Office.

The Scientific Advisory Board provides advices and recommendations on the past achievements and future development of C2SM.

Working Groups

The C2SM Community is organised in Working Groups (WG). Each WG is composed of a subset of the Community that share similar scientific interests and/or tools in a specific focus area. Each WG is supported by a staff member from the Executive Office. The current focus areas include:

Global Climate Modeling

Support is provided for global climate models such as the global climate model ECHAM-HAMMOZ and the NCAR Community Earth System Model.

Regional Climate Modeling

Support is provided for the regional weather and climate model COSMO.


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