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A revived Southern Ocean carbon sink

The carbon sink in the Southern Ocean was thought to have weakened in recent decades. But a new study shows that the carbon sink has regained its strength to take up anthropogenic CO2. Read more 


MeteoSwiss is the first weather service using a GPU based computer for weather forecast.

Using this new supercomputer, C2SM-partner MeteoSwiss will run their weather model at higher resolution and produce improved weather forecast.   Read more 


Would global warming stop after carbon emissions end?

A new study published in Environmental Research Letters suggests that simple models overestimate how much carbon we can emit if we want to stay below 2°C in the next centuries. Read more 


New staff at C2SM

Dr. Elias Zubler joined C2SM in August and will coordinate the new Swiss climate change scenarios, CH2018,  together with MeteoSwiss. Read more 


Towards a better understanding of the development of heat waves

C2SM members Stephan Pfahl, Heini Wernli, and Mischa Croci-Maspoli have analysed meteorological data from the past two decades to shed light on the formation of high pressure systems. Read more 


ETH-Klimarunde 2015 Vision Null: Wege zu einer CO2-neutralen Gesellschaft – November 4, ETH Zurich. Registrer for the event (Event in German).

Scientifica 2015 Licht und Erleuchtung– September 5-6, ETH Zurich. Visit the C2SM booth Unsichtbares Licht in der Erdatmosphäre (Event in German)

More events here.


Research projects under the umbrella of C2SM investigate the climate system and its components at various spatio-temporal scales.


C2SM provides support in several aspects, including climate modeling, climate data access, and activities related to outreach and education.


C2SM contributes to the organisation of summer schools and master programs, and provides technical training in areas related to climate modeling and data.

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