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The October C2SM newsletter is out

For up-to-date information on what your C2SM colleagues are involved in, upcoming events, and recent publications and contributions, read our new fall edition.    Read more 


Towards European-scale convection-resolving climate simulations with GPUs

The representation of moist convection in climate models represents a major challenge, as this process is usually parameterized. In a new study, weather and climate simulations using horizontal resolution on the order of 1 km allow deep convection to be explicitly resolved and thus allow for an improved representation of the water cycle. Read more 


Nature Communications study presents extreme precipitation projections over Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria in East Africa is known to be stormy at night, with thousands of fishermen dying each year. A new study investigates the controls on extreme thunderstorms over the lake and projects their future change. Read more 


New climate science webcasts: building the future and more

Join Oliver Stebler for his new set of climate science webcasts: "Visionär und Macher", where science meets practice in the energy sector, "Die Zukunft bauen" on future cities and urbanisation challenges related to climate change, and a "Best Of" in "Schweizer Gemüse und Espresso"   Read more 


Sea-ice transport drives freshening of the Southern Ocean

Over the past decades, the northward drift of sea ice surrounding Antarctica has strengthened. This has not only increased the extent of the sea ice, but has also freshened the sea water around the sea-ice edge — with as yet indeterminate consequences for the global climate system and Antarctica’s ecosystem. Read more 



Klimarunde 2016: Tuesday, 8 November 2016, 15:00-19:30, ETH Zürich, Hauptgebäude "Der globalisierte Klimawandel: Wie betrifft er uns?" 


Research projects under the umbrella of C2SM investigate the climate system and its components at various spatio-temporal scales.


C2SM provides support in several aspects, including climate modeling, scientific visualization, climate data, and activities related to outreach and education.


C2SM contributes to the organisation of summer schools and master programs, and provides technical training in areas related to climate modeling and data.

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